Being a horse owner myself and having had my horses transported by the "big" hauling companies, I understand the importance of safety, reliability and peace of mind owners need while their horse is being moved.

I do everything it takes to give owners that peace of mind. 

I drive a 2008 GMC 3500 that will get the horse to its destination in a safe, reliable manner.  My Trails West Sierra 4 horse slant load is confortable with rubber mats and wood shavings to resist leg strain and padded walls to prevent bruising on the rib cage.  It has a ramp load for safety and ease and is also equipped with a closed circuit monitoring system to ensure safety of the horses while en route.

The horses are hauled at 3 hours intervals with a 30 minute rest for water.  If the trip is over 12 hours, we will stop at a predetermined destination for an 8 hour lay-over to rest the horse before continuing. 

Space for tack and feed is available on the trailer.

I encourage owner to send the horse with the hay it has been eating, but grass or alfalfa can be provided.

I am able to provide services the "big" haulers can not, such as:

  • Bandaging
  • Hand walking
  • Feeding electrolytes and grain while en route

These services are to ensure that your horses schedule never changes from what he or she is used to at home as well as confirming that they arrive to their destination in the same condition as when they left.

I will counsel the owners on what paper work they will need to have their horse cross state lines. 

In an addition, I can provide temporary board at my home.  Board fees are reasonable and I am able to provide personal service for your horse. This option allows clients to have their horses destination prepared before the horse arrives. If you are needing this service, please ask.